The Big Circular Stone

Ringing Stone

Mary Ellen Burke (first published in Out and About in Killererin in 2013p. 78

Circular stone made by Johnny Duggan, Tygreenane
Photo: Mary Ellen Burke
Wooden cart wheel made by Johnny Duggan, Tygreenane
Photo: Mary Ellen Burke

Large Circular Stone

One thing which was a bit different about our farmyard was this large circular stone which sat in one corner. The ‘stone’ was actually made from concrete by our neighbour Johnny Duggan RIP. Johnny was a farmer and a carpenter who made cart wheels.

Making a wooden cart wheel

This ‘stone’ was used for putting the flat steel tyre onto the rim of the wooden wheel. The wooden wheel was first made in his workshop. The centre of the wheel was made from a thick piece of timber called the hub or the stock. It had a hole in the centre for the axle to fit through. Into the stock fitted the wooden spokes and surrounding these were fitted curved pieces of timber which were called felloes. These made up the circular part of the wheel and kept the spokes in the place.

In the photograph of the stone, you can see there is a hole in the centre of it. The wider hub of the wheel fitted into this, so that the rest of the wheel could lie flat on the stone when the steel tyre/rim was being fitted. Johnny Duggan used this stone for making cart-wheels in the 1930s and 1940s.

Furniture maker

He also made furniture in his workshop beside their home in Tygreenane. At that time, with small farms, income had to be supplemented in any way possible. Johnny did this through his skills as a carpenter.

This stone is still intact on the site where many cart wheels were made all those years ago.

The Big Move – Division of lands by Land Commission

In 1950, Johnny left Tygreenane along with his wife Dell (nee Mannion, Brierfield), their daughters Mary and Brid and Johnny’s mother and father Martin and Mary. Instead of his small farm in Tygreenane, he got a new farm of land through the Land Commission in Redmount Hill, Laurencetown, Ballinasloe. Johnny’s wife Dell died suddenly after just a few short years. Later he married Frances and they had one son and three daughters Martina, John, Margaret and Vera. Johnny kept contact with Tygreenane all his life, especially through his sister Maureen Rooney RIP. Johnny is laid to rest in Killererin New Cemetery (recently renamed The Good Shepard Cemetery). May he rest in peace.

More families on the move in the 1950s

Before Johnny moved to Redmount Hill, Fursey White had moved from Cloondahamper to Clontuskert, Ballinasloe. In 1952, four other families moved from Tygreenane, Derrybawn and Hillsbrook to Eyredemence, Eyrecourt: John Gilligan and his wife Mary and their ten young children; Thomas Fleming and family; Eddie Naughton and Paddy Joe Mulry. The farms which they left were divided between the neighbouring farmers by the Land Commission

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