What Christmas means to me

Christmas '97 in Killererin P. 8

Maeve Mullins, Barnaderg N.S

Count down to Christmas Day

My eyes are burning. Staring into the sky watching for signs of Christmas soaring through the millions of twinkling stars and through the glowing man in the moon.

The Christmas Tree

It is now five days until Christmas and it’s time to get the dusty decorations down from the attic. I love putting up the Christmas tree. The first thing I do is put all the bits and pieces of the tree together, then I put up the Dazzling baubles which are all different colours. I then put the tinsel on, which I love to wrap around me and pretend I’m a movie star. The lights are the last addition to the tree but I have to get Daddy’s help for this. It takes him twenty minutes to put them up and after that the tree is completed.


I run down to my bedroom as fast as my legs can carry me and grab all the presents I have purchased and put them under the tree. Three weeks ago, I went shopping at 9.00 in the morning until 2.00 in the afternoon and I purchased all my Christmas presents. When I came home, I wrapped all my presents in a lovely red and green paper which was very bright.

The Christmas Cake

After a while, Mammy got the ingredients ready for the Christmas fruit cake and the pudding and then she starts baking. She put her mixture in the oven. Eight hours later, I smelled something burning. It was the cakes. Mammy had burnt the cakes. So today Mammy is baking the cakes again. Everyone takes a turn at stirring the Christmas pudding and I love to steal the raisins and sultanas and eat them.

The Christmas Crib

Christmas Eve ha arrived and daddy is putting up the crib. The crib makes me think of the birth of Christ. In the crib, ’Daddy puts baby Baby Jesus, Mary, two angels, cows, sheep, three shepherds and on January 6th , Daddy puts in the three kings. Beside the crib, Daddy lights a candle and he lights a candle beside the Christmas tree also. At 8.00, we all go to Mass, which is on for an hour and a half. When we come home, we go to bed, with butterflies in our stomachs.

 Unwrapping our presents

At 9 a.m. everyone is up opening their presents while Mammy and Daddy are preparing the Christmas dinner. We are having turkey, ham, potatoes,carrots and peas. After it all I feel sick and I just lie down on the couch until it’s time for bed. Before hopping into bed, I look into the night sky at the man in the moon winking at me –

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