Field and Placenames of Imanemore

Kevin Courtney's cows in Imanemore 2015
PPhoto: Bernadette Connolly

Field Names and Placenames around Imanemore


Soft place at the back of McDermotts.  The hens and turkeys used to go down there to lay their eggs.

Back in the Woodeen

Fahy’s wood or a garden near Fahy’s

Clitdhe Oran

Wet field or area

Croc Ni Mor

Down at Donnellans, high hill and stile

The Gairdín

Garden near Christy Fahy’s

The Spudaun

Paddy Rooney’s field


Near Mick McDermotts, a wooded area with the ruins of Hillsbrook Estate, which once belonged to the Kirwans (Landlords)

The Fadernath

Open ground callow (low-lying land which floods when the water table rises) each side of the road to Reilly’s now Berminghams

Kelly’s Meadow

Henry Kelly’s field.

Yank’s Meadow

A yank (American) named Courtney rented this field at one time.  It was ever afterwards known as the above


A field opposite Mick Burn’s house belonging to Seamus Collins


Rough ground near Donnellan’s

Down the Liss

Land at end of the bog road.  There is a ringfort down there near Eddie McHugh’s house

Field of the Boreen

A meeting place near Kelly’s


Field across from Dolan’s house

Garria a Connaille

Connolly’s garden


Gort na Nath

Near Martin Reilly’s now Bermingham’s.

High Street (nickname)

The houses were Raffertys, Jack Kemple’s and Martin Donnellan’s.  Martin Donnellan’s wife Rose, used to have a shop and she bought eggs and sold cigarettes.

The Poll Mór

Stream widening out opposite Johnny Courtney’s old house about 40 to 50 yards wide and 25 yards long.  It used to be covered with ice in winter and was a great place for sliding or skating.

Bóthar na Crann

The road to Tygreenane.

Clan Buí

Boreen near McHughs on way to White Stile

Poll a Roistín

Deep hole at the stream – dangerous.

Croc Ni Ban

Liss road in the general area of Paddy Collins house above Cloonriddia bog and below Imanemore.

Cois na Arrai

Drain between Stovelodge and Imane – had to cross it to get to house dances where there would be porter, tea and cakes.  People used to fish there for eels and trout etc.

Tobar Arra

Well (Spring Well) where people used to go to get water.

Sliabh Ard (name of road)

Back of Paddy Treacy’s, Dolans, and Jack Fahy’s. Big acre of high ground.

Toareen a Bóthar

A Well on the side of road beside Mick Burke’s and Monaghan’s.  There are supposed to be fairies around it

Taylor’s Hill

Pig House beside Mick Courtney’s and Mick Burke’s.

Cannon’s Hilleen

Near Mary Concannon and Con Mullins’ house. Concannon’s was a great visiting house where people played cards.  Patsy the Sticks a man that travelled about, used to stay there.  He was a native of Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath

Con’s Gate

A gate and meeting place near Con Mullins land and Mary Concannon’s house

Up the Bog Road

Road from Poll a’ Chapaill to Corscagh.

The White Stile

A place everyone knew between Dolan’s and Burns’.

Dolan’s Hill

A hill near Dolan’s house through the field going up Dolan’s hill

Nolans’ Houseen (Herd’s Hut)

A hut near Mylie Nolan’s house where herds used to shelter.

The New Line
Down at Michael Fahy’s forge.  Boreen beside Michael Fahy’s new house – junction at Fahy’s hill.

Mick Fahy’s forge

Fahy’s forge was a landmark in the area

The Meeting of the Waters

A place where five townlands meet at one point in Seamus Treacy’s farm.  They are Tygreenane, Stovelodge, Cottage, Cooldorragha and Imanemore..  There was said to be a cure where the five waters meet.  I have heard of people who went there witrh foot ailments like sprained ankles, foot ulcers and other complaints as well.  It was said that if you let the water flow on the affected area that the swelling, warts etc. would disappear.  I did hear of a man named Martin Concannon who went there on three occasions and was cured.









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