World War 1 and the Killererin connection

Extract from chapter on Military History, - Killererin - A Parish History

LT. Darby Daly
Killererin Heritage Society
Ration book issued in 1951 to Eileen Cunnane, Imanemore
Photo: courtesy of John Cunnane, Imanemore
Last Will and testament of Pte. John Kelly, 1st Bn. Connaught Rangers dated 24th September 1914 who died on 26th May, 1915
Killererin Heritage Society

Martin O’Connor

A local man named Martin O’Connor was born in 1896 and emigrated to Manchester aged 18. There he joined the British Army and was posted to France with the Lancashire Fusiliers. During his posting he was shot and invalided, returning to Manchester where he later married and raised a family. When his medals were sent to his widowed mother, it is thought that she threw them in the fire. However, if the record from the British Military Archives is correct, they were actually returned.

His daughter Nora remembers coming to visit her Uncle Pat in Peak in the 1930s with her sister Margaret. Her parents also visited but she remembers her father getting off the train in Athenry rather than Ballyglunin in case any of the neighbours recognised him. He paid further visits down through the years.[1]

Food rationing

Margaret Monaghan remembers that between 1914 and 1918 food was rationed. The flour was terrible and came in canvas bags. It was not nice to eat. Sugar was scarce and butter came from Australia. She remembers Australian soldiers visiting the parish at John King’s house, Garra. Their names were Jim and Willie King, cousins of John who visited when on leave. They were allowed to come to Ireland as they had relatives here.[2]

Remembering young men from Killererin who enlisted

Aside from the economic difficulties faced in the parish, Killererin was home to some young men who enlisted to fight in WW I and are remembered below. It would have been difficult for parents and friends to say goodbye and as channels of communication were slow, they may not have heard from their sons for many months after their departure.

Names of some of those that died from the parish and who lived in close proximity to the parish are included below:

Daly, Darby

Rank:                     Second Lieutenant

Service No.             Not given

Date of Death:       4th October, 1918    Age:                        24

Regiment/Service: Royal Munster Fusiliers

Grave Reference:  I.H.31

Cemetery:              Templeux-Le-Guerard British Cemetery, Somme, France.

From:                     Son of Darby and Catherine Daly, Derreen, Tuam (no Will)

Devane,  John

Rank:                      Private

Service no:              1747

Date of death:         26/02/1918

Age:                         28

Regiment/Service:  Connaught Rangers 6th Battalion

Cemetery:               Amara War Cemetery, Iraq

From:                       Son of Bridget Deane, Imanebeg, Barnaderg

Glynn, Martin

Rank:                            Private

Service no:              37477

Date of death:         03/02/1917

Regiment/Service:  Connaught Rangers 1st Bn.

Grave Reference:   X1V.G.27

Cemetery:               Amara War Cemetery, Iraq

From:                       Ballyglunin, Tuam, Co. Galway

Keating, Arthur

Rank:                      Private

Service no:              6289

Date of death:         28/09/1915

Age:                         31

Regiment/Service:  2nd Battalion Irish Guards

Cemetery:               Loos Memorial

From:                      Dublin. Served in the RIC in Barnaderg

Kelly, John

Rank:                            Private

Service no:              10311

Date of death:         25/05/1915

Age:                         21

Regiment/Service:  Connaught Rangers 1st Bn.

Grave Reference:   XV11.E.9

Cemetery:               Cabaret Rouge, British Cemeter, Souchez, Pas de Calis, France

From:                       Born Cummer, Ballyglunin, Tuam, Co. Galway

Larkin, Michael

Rank:                      Private

Service no:              15717

Date of death:         22/08/1915

Age:                         34

Regiment/Service:  9th West Yorkshire (Prince of Wales Own)

Cemetery:               Helles Memorial, Turkey

From:                       Son of Michael and Catherine Larkin, Emanelon, Barnaderg, Tuam, Co. Galway

O’Connor, P.

Rank:                      Private

Service no:              5696

Date of death:         20/11/1917

Age:                         28

Regiment/Service:  Connaught Rangers 6th Battalion

Grave reference:    IC13

Cemetery:               Croisilles Railway Cemetery, Pas-de-Calais, France

From:                      Son of John and Mary O’Connor, Cottage, Barnaderg, Tuam, Co. Galway

Quinn, Patrick

Rank:                      Private

Service no:              2518

Date of death:         13/08/1915

Age:                         25

Enlisted:                    Wath-on-Dearne

Regiment/Service:  First York & Lancaster Regiment (1st/5th Ban)

Grave Reference:    IV.A.15

Cemetery:               Talana Farm Cemetery, Belgium (West Vlaanderen)

From:                      Son of Thomas Quinn, Ballinamona, Ballyglunin, Tuam.

Shaughnessy, William

Rank:                      Private

Service No:              6722

Date of death:         04/06/1917

Age:                         38

Regiment/Service:  Sixth Connaught Rangers

Grave Reference:   IX.B.4

Cemetery:               La Laiterie Military Cemetery – Heuvelland – West-Vlaanderen – Belgium

From:                      Son of the late Darby and Annie Shaughnessy of Ardskeabeg, Ballyglunin.

Shaughnessy, William

Rank:                      Private

Service No:              T/439889

Date of death:         18/01/1920

Age:                         40

Regiment/Service:  Royal Army Service Corps

Grave Reference:   N.C.93

Cemetery:               Barnton Cemetery – Cheshire – United Kingdom

From:                      Son of John Shaughnessy, Moyne, Ballyglunin and husband to Ellen, UK

Tuite, Albert

Rank:                      Private

Service No:              11496

Date of death:         27/08/1914

Age:                         25

Regiment/Service:  Second Royal Dublin Fusiliers

Grave Reference:   1.C.28

Cemetery:               Honnechy British Cemetery, Nord, France

From:                      Brother of Michael Tuite, Dangan, Derreen, Ballyglunin.

Wynne, John

Rank:                      Lance Sergeant

Service No:              5/368Date of death:         20/08/1915

Age:                         27

Regiment/Service:  Fifth Connaught Rangers

Grave Reference:   Sp.Men.C.24

Cemetery:               Seventh Field Ambulance Cemetery, Gallipoli, Turkey

From:                       Son of John and Mary Wynne, Ballyglunin, Co. Galway
By the time of the World War armistice in November 1918, at least 1,107 Galway men had fought in the Great War, of whom an estimated 755 died.[3]

[1] Information provided by Geraldine O’Connor, Peak, Killererin (2014).
[2] Extract from copy book of memories of Margaret Monaghan given to Killererin Magazine Committee

[3] Tomás Kenny , Galway politics and society, 1910 – 23 (Dublin, 2011), p. 17.

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  • Could someone kindly check the veracity of the following attribution of the resting place of Pte John Devane.
    It is listed here as:
    Amara War Cemetery Iraq

    We (family) have the information below from the CWGC:

    In Memory of
    J Devane
    1747, 6th Bn., Connaught Rangers who died on 26 February 1918 Age 28
    Son of Bridget Devane, of Imanebeg, Barnaderg, Co. Galway.
    Remembered with Honour
    Villers-Faucon Communal Cemetery Extension
    Commemorated in perpetuity by
    the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

    Would appreciate an update

    By Christine Dawson (21/03/2022)
  • Christine
    Thank you Christine for bringing this to our attention. As you are probably aware, the source of the information contained in our book Killererin – A Parish History was from the book by Tomás Kenny “Galway Politics and Society 1910 -1923, (Dublin 2011)”P.17. The information you as a family have on Private John Devane is surely correct if t came from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. If I can get my hands on a copy of this book from our local library in the next week or so, I will check it out and see where the author’s source of information came from.

    By killererin (21/03/2022)

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