From Barnaderg to Ellis Island

Extract from Killererin - A Parish History pps. 530 - 532

First published in Killererin - A Parish History

SS Doric on which Mary Cunnane from Barnaderg arrived in New York on 16th December 1924 aged just 21. She departed these shores from the port of Cobh in Cork.

Ellis Island

Between 1892 and 1954, over 12 million people entered the USA at the small harbour of Ellis Island in New York.[1] Up to 1924 the names of these people are available for researchers seeking information on their family history. The Ellis Island Foundation has made the information available on their website and as well as the name of the person entering the US this includes, in some cases, their nationality, age on entering the country, the name of the ship they travelled on, their height and colouring and information on the person they were meeting or where they intended traveling on to. Details of some of the people from the parish taken from the ships’ manifests are included below.

Mary, Cunnane, Barnaderg, Co. Galway

Mary Cunnane was from Barnaderg in Co. Galway and arrived in New York on 16th December 1924. At that time Mary was aged 21 years and unmarried. She travelled aboard the Doric and departed from the port of Cobh in Cork. Passage was paid by her aunt Miss Kate Cunnane who was living in Pike Street, Cincinatti, Ohio. It is recorded that Mary was 5 feet 3 inches tall with fair hair, a fair complexion and brown eyes. She was in good health and arrived in the US with the intention of staying permanently.[2]

Kate Kelly, Barnaderg, Co. Galway

Kate Kelly was from Barnaderg and was aged 19 years when she entered New York on 1st June 1905 aboard the Oceanic. Kate had departed from Cobh and she recorded her occupation as a servant. She could read and write. Kate’s final destination was New York and she had paid the passage herself. She had $10 in her possession and intended to join her cousin Patrick Lally who resided at 87 Elm Street, New York. Kate was recorded as being in good health at that time.[3] In 1901, Kate Kelly was listed aged 15 living in the townland of Tigreenaun with her mother Bridget who was aged 60 and her brother who was aged 21.[3] According to the 1901 census, Kate was a farmer’s daughter and could not read or write. There is no mention of Kate or any of the Kelly family in the 1911 Census in Tigreenaun.

Another Kate Kelly, also from Barnaderg, Co. Galway

Another Kate Kelly was listed arriving in New York on 30th March 1911. She was 24 years of age on arrival in the US and was unmarried. Originally from Barnaderg, Co. Galway, she left from the port of Cobh aboard the Saint Paul. Kate paid the passage herself and had $11 dollars in her possession on arrival. She hoped to join her cousin Mrs Jordan who lived in New York. Kate was 5 feet tall with dark hair and blue eyes. It is recorded that Kate had been to the US before in 1910, staying at that time in New York.[4]

Timothy Connolly, Barnaderg, Co. Galway

Timothy Connolly was also from Barnaderg, Co. Galway, and arrived in New York aboard the Oceanic. He left Cobh and arrived in Ellis Island on 29th June 1905 aged 22 years. He was unmarried. Timothy recorded his occupation as a labourer and could read and write. He hoped to join his cousin Mrs Mason who lived in Bernardsville, New Jersey. Timothy had $10 in his possession on entering the US. He was in good physical condition entering Ellis Island.[5] There is no record of a Timothy Connolly on the 1901 census for Co. Galway.

Mary Delaney, Barnaderg, Co. Galway

Mary Delaney arrived in the US on 9th May 1921, aged 10 years. Mary was from Barnaderg, Co. Galway and she left the port of Cobh aboard the Cedric. Passage was paid by her aunt, Mrs Healy, 510 High Street, Holyoke Massachusetts. Mary had $30 in her possession on entering the US. Mary was 5 feet 2 inches tall with fair hair and blue eyes and was in good health on entering Ellis Island.[6]

Michael Burke, Barnaderg, Co. Galway

Michael Burke was aged 27 years when he arrived in New York on 4th May 1892 aboard the Teutonic. Michael was a married man and had departed first from the port of Cobh and later from Liverpool. Michael was from Barnaderg, Co. Galway, and recorded his occupation as a labourer. He hoped to travel on to Philadelphia and he had only one piece of baggage with him.[7]

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