The Travelling Shows

First published in Out and About in Killererin 2007, P.107

Margaret Monaghan, late of Castleview

Margaret Monaghan was born and brought up in Clogherboy until she married and went to live at the other side of the parish in Castleview, Barnaderg. She used to write her reminiscences in a copy book. After she died, her son Christy very kindly lent it to the local Magazine committee who printed her stories from time to time.  We are indebted to him for bringing them to ourt attention.

The following story is one she wrote about the Travelling Shows that came to Killererin.

Travelling Shows

The travelling shows were great fun and we looked forward to them.  A house near us had a big empty room. (It was the Garda Barracks later before the Barnaderg one was built).

They would  have sketches and songs and things like that. Also raffles and competitions, like dancing and singing.  It was a show of hands to find the winner and of course it was always the worst singer or dancer who got it. One old lad was a mighty dancer so we used to vote for him as he got five shillings and that was something then.

Travelling Picture Shows

We used to go to travelling picture shows also and they were great fun. They were mostly Wild West ones – cowboys and Indians.  There was no sound that time and the writing would come on to explain what was happening and some of the yobs at the back would read it wrong out loud and that was half the fun.

I saw pictures up the village here and the screen was on a big tree across the road and it was fine.  There were tickets also for raffles and there were nice cups and jugs for prizes.  Some of them had an open-air platform for dancing also and if too many went on it you’d be falling off now and then, but it was all good fun.

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