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1840 - 1900

Heritage Committee & Moylough Parish Services

RIC Barracks and Glenrock Hoise
Killererin Heritage Society, Barnaderg, Co. Galway
Hillsbrook House


Glenrock (an old barracks located in the village of Barnaderg)


Glenrock to be raffled at Daly’s Hotel, Tuam on the first of March, 1841, at one o’clock, pm. (the leasehold of the property is being sold with a lease term of Nine Hundred Years, from the 4th July, 1839, subject to the Yearly Rent of £6 16s 6) on which has been built a handsome and commodious House, which cost upwards of £1000. The House stands on a Demesne of five acres, and is surrounded by a wall of six feet high. It is situated within 4 miles of Tuam, 5 of Moylough, and the Dublin and Westport Mail and Beacon Cars pass twice a day.

Tickets, (limited to 50) £20 each, half of which are now sold. Should all the tickets not be disposed of before the first of March 1841, the Raffle will be postponed until such further time as they may be all sold.

Letters (pre paid) enclosing CASH, shall be strictly attended to by the proprietor, Miles Kirwan Esq., Glenrock, Dangan.

9th Jan. 1841.[1]


A position we will not see required that often for the parish of Killererin but this was 1844.




He must be a “‘Teetotaller,” and will only receive a moderate salary.

Personal application to be made to John Andrew Kirwan, Esq., or Henry Kirwan, Esq., Hillsbrook, Dangan.

24th August 1844.”[2]


On Tuesday last, Mr. ___________ of this town, Poor Rate Collector for Killererin electoral division, proceeded to the village of Poltoo (Polladooey) near Dangan, for the purpose of serving notices.  On delivering one of them to a girl who was at the door of the first house in the village, he heard a voice desiring her to scald him, and on going to the other side to ascertain who it was that gave the direction, a man whose name was unknown to him, armed with a hatchet presented himself and warned him against going any further; and, on Mr.  _________ stating that he had a duty to discharge and should perform it, and for that purpose was going on, when the man stopped him and swore he would split his skull if he proceeded another step.  The Collector, seeing he was becoming greatly excited, prudently returned, when a great number followed him out to the road where he was relating the circumstance to Mr. Gannon, the Post-master at Dangan, and some women that were on the road.  They then surrounded him when his former friend of the hatchet, having changed it for a spade, made a violent thrust at him, another struck him with a stick on the head and broke the leaf of his hat, and but for the exertions of the Post-master and the women who dissuaded them from pursuing him, he stated his life would be in imminent danger.  His collecting book was taken from him and thrown over the wall but was subsequently recovered by his assistant, who also got a blow which caused him to stagger against the wall inside which he observed the book. Mr. __________ proceeded to Moyne, the residence of Michael J. Browne, Esq., the landlord of the parties, and reported the matter.  That excellent gentleman felt most indignant and assured him he would use every effort in his power to bring them to justice.[3]


The Famine

Fr John McLoughlin, P.P. Killererin sent a report on the Famine conditions in the parish to the Bishop’s ‘Destitute Census’ for their meeting at Loughrea in 1847 that there were 2,188 people in the parish and 772 were actually starving.[4]




Hillsbrook – The Country Residence of John A. Kirwan, Esq.,


From the first day of August next, for such terms as may be agreed upon.

The Mansion, and from Ninety to Three Hundred Acres of the Demesne of Hillsbrook, ornamented with Timber and Water; situate in a most personable and most desirable neighbourhood, within 15 miles of the towns of Galway and Ballinasloe, 7 of Mount Bellew and Dunmore, 5 of Tuam and one of Dangan.  The House and Offices are very commodious, and fit for the immediate reception of a numerous and respectable family.  The new tenant will keep the crops, consisting of potatoes, wheat, oats, turnips and every species of garden vegetable and also good black turf. Apply to J.A. Kirwan, Esq., R.M., Boyle; or Mr. Connor Ward, Cottage, Dangan. Hillsbrook, July 29th, 1848.[5]


Spring Vale was the residence of the late William Ronaldson who is buried in the Protestant Cemetery in Lissavalley. Springvale was advertised for sale by auction in the Freeman’s Journal in 1872 after his death.


Spring Vale, described as ‘being beside Barnaderg, within four miles of Tuam, and three miles from Ballyglunin Station, A and T Railway held an Important and Unreserved Auction, consisting of all the livestock, household furniture, and implements of husbandry and a Leasehold Interest in a Farm of 70 Irish acres, also the grazing of over 200 acres of good pasture to the 1st May 1873.

The Administrator of the late Wm. Ronaldson instructs subscriber to sell by auction at Spring Vale on Thursday, the 5th September 1872. Listed are herds of sheep, horses and a well known highly bred stallion “Munreo” with his book and engagements and sets of tackling, jaunting car and harness, saddle and bridle with stable furniture. There were also 3 farm carts and farming implements of the highest quality. There were pigs and fowl and dairy utensils and a lot of farm machinery and a large quantity of excellent turf and about 7 tons of prime old hay as well as all sorts of vegetables in lots to suit everyone.

The household furniture included mahogany dinner tables, a nicely carved cabinet, and a haircloth sofa, with mahogany framed chairs, 2 arm do, pictures, writing desk, eight day clock, fenders and irons, mahogany and iron bedsteads, chests of drawers and presses, toilet tables and basin stands, towel rails, kitchen press, tables and chairs, &c., &c.)[6]


There was severe distress in some families as illustrated by the following article which appeared in the Tuam Herald.

A Most Praiseworthy and Charitable

Subscription at Barnaderg.


Sir – We would feel greatly obliged if through your very popular paper, you would kindly afford us an opportunity of acknowledging the following contributions. As the subscription list is not yet closed this favour may incline others to give their mite, while we thank those who had enabled us to give timely relief to poor Martin Higgins the object of their charity, whose wife died early in spring, after a lingering sickness, leaving six weak children to his care. Anxiety, sleepless nights and sad prospects before him so impaired his health that his little garden lay neglected. “Fortune made such havoc of his means.” Touched by his sad condition we had a meeting in Barnaderg, when some of the neighbours voluntarily offered to do all they could in the way of subscription to afford him some assistance. The thing is new in rural districts, but the inhabitants of Barnaderg and its surrounding area though fond of pleasure are sensitive to the pleadings of distress. Mr. Pat Kane, treasurer, Barnaderg, will thankfully receive any remittance.

James Roonan, P.P, Killererin, 5s; Henry Kirwan, Esq., 5s; Mrs. Lamon, 5s; M.J. Boyle. Esq., 2s 6d; Mrs. Boyle, 2s 6d; Mr. McCreedy, 2s 6d; Mrs. McCreedy, 2s 6d; J. Gilmore, 2s 6d; P. Gannon, 2s 6d; from a Lady, 2s 6d; Mrs. Commons, 2s 6d; John Martin Esq., 2s 6d; John Warde, Esq., 2s 6d; P. Kane, 2s; M. Corney, 1s 6d; E. Gannon, 1s; James Fahy, 1s; Mrs. Joyner, 1s; Thomas Monaghan, 1s; Pat Archer, 2s; James Daly, 1s; John Monaghan, 1s; James Burke, 1s; Mrs. R. Kilgarriff, 1s; A Friend to the Poor, 1s; Mrs. Connelly, 1s; John Hanly, 1s; Patrick Hanly 1s; B. Browne, 1s; Mr. Egan, 1s; M. McGreedy, 1s; Martin Rie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        lly, 1s; John Luke Ryan, 1s; John Cunningham, 1s; Martin Donelan 1s; Michael Dempsey, 1s; Pat Gibbons, 1s; James Murty, 1s; Anne Smyth, 6d; Martin Long, 6d; Jerry Shaughnessy, 6d; P. Whelan, 6d; T. Begley, Thomas Donahue[7].


The Dangan Estate

We perceive with much pleasure that the above-named estate which in recent times has so frequently changed owners, has together with the estate of Derreen at length passed into the possession of Robert William Waithman, Esq. D.L. of Moyne that gentleman having lately purchased both properties in the Landed Estates Court. We congratulate the numerous tenantry on those estates on the fact of their having at length after many vicissitudes, come under the protecting regis of a gentleman who is reputed to be so fostering, so indulgent, and so considerate a landlord as Mr. R.W. Waithman, and who since he came to reside in this neighbourhood has established for himself the repute of a good landlord, a kindly neighbour and an extensive employer of labour.[8]


Died in U.S.A.

News has been received of the

death of Miss Ellie Rabbitt in

New York.  She is the second

daughter of the late Mr. John

and Mrs. Rabbitt, Barn-

aderg and has been living

in the United States a long num-

ber of years.  The deceased was

over 60 years of age and was a

careful and capable woman .  She

made many wise investments and

died in very comfortable circum-

stances.  Some of the older

branches of the family live in the

Dunmore District. We offer our

sincere sympathies to Mr. Patrick

Rabbitt, Barnaderg, her brother

and other members of this old

and respected family. [8]


Tenders were requested in the Tuam Herald for the building of a Male and Female National School at Barnaderg. March 13th, 1895.[9] This building is the present community centre in Barnaderg.

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