Bacon and Cabbage

Schools food heritage project 2018

Jack Miskell, Barnaderg NS, aged 11

Lovely Dinner

My granny Nell Folan, would cycle to the shop and buy the bacon.  Then she would go down to the back of the house and pick the cabbage and potatoes out of a ridge in the garden.  She washed them and gave them to her mother to cook.  In her day, they were delicious and very tasty.

Then she and her family would enjoy a lovely dinner.

Nells family

Nell’s mother had 17 children.  But then her husband had to go and work in England. so she had 17 kids to mind along with running the farm.  When it came to the cows, everyone had a job to help on the farm.  When they went to the shop, they had to buy loads of food, but they had grown a lot of food too.

When Nell was little, her father was a fisherman and they lived on fish.  She would sometimes go out fishing with him.


Handwritten recipe and story

Cover page


Cover page


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  • This story reminds me of my own mother. She always makes bacon & cabbage on a Saturday as my brother who works in Dublin comes home to visit at weekends. I think my Mam might think they don’t know about bacon & cabbage in Dublin!!!

    By Pauline (08/07/2018)
  • Pauline, thanks for that. I think Bacon and Cabbage was a regular feature of Saturday dinners in many a household in Ireland and still a favourite for those in a certain age-bracket

    By killererin (08/07/2018)

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