Growing potatoes

Schools food heritage project 2018

Aisling Loftus

Growing and Selling potatoes

Back in the 1980s, my granddad used to grow potatos.  He would have about 10 fields of potatoes and he would sell them to the local shops.  September was the busiest time of year because my granddad would dig up the potatos and because he had so many, local farmers would help him out for 3 weeks.

Nanny’s cooking

It was also a busy time for anny because she made dinner at dinner-time and supper in the evening for all the farmers including granddad.  They would go in for dinner at 1 o’clock.

Lots of Bubbles

There was one man named Brendan and for dinner, they were having bacon and cabbage.  My Nanny would have a tub of salt on the table and instead of using the salt, Brendan used the washing up liquid because he thought it was the salt!  Lots of bubbles started to come out of his dinner as he put it all over his dinner.

Since his dinner was ruined, he ended up eating brown bread and chicken.  He made sure this time, that he used the salt and not the washing up liquid.


Original handwritten recipe

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